Reduce Heat Loss
Reduce Draughts
Improve Air Quality
Reduce the Risk of Condensation

Made from self-extinguishing flame retardant material
Testing includes to; BS EN 60598-1 & BS EN 60598-2-2
Fitting the Thermahood Will Help To Meet Requirements For Building Regulation 2.3;
C2 - Condensation
L1 - Fuel Conservation (Insulation And Air Leakage)
E1 - Sound Protection
Helps conform to BS 5250 : 2011 : 3-3
Improves air quality in living areas by reducing the air flow 
Works in tandem with heat recovery systems (controlled air flow)
Helps Conform to BS 5250 : 2011 : 3-3
Reduces fire risk from household storage items, e.g. Christmas decorations placed on downlights
Manufactured from recyclable flame-retardant materials
Once fitted product is maintenance free
Can be fitted quickly and easily by anyone, i.e. a real DIY product
Can help reduce noise entering and escaping through down-lights
Is used as a downlight cover or firehood for over downlights to loft ceilings
Can prevent insects entering living areas through downlights


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