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Fix these Problems!


  • Downlights impacting on your Build quality?


  • Missing loft insulation around downlights?


  • Can Insulation be fitted over Downlights?


  • Do you have condensation in your building?


  • Is dust impacting your air quality?


  • Have your downlights being displaced?
  • Are Downlights creating disputes on your sites?
  • Have you had to return to fix downlights?
  • Have you found your work damaged by other trades?
  • Plasterboard been broken around the downlight?
  • Are downlights beginning to leave a mark on your reputation?


Contact us to discuss how Thermahood Downlight Covers could help your company with; improved build quality, meeting building regulations, simplfying work processes and reducing onsite disputes about damaged work.


Please call us on 028 417 74047

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We will endeavour to reply promptly and concisely!  

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