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Dream team!

For maximum energy savings 

we recommend you fit Thermahood 

together with LED lamps.  


Halogens are on the way out due to poor efficiency – did you know sales of this type have actually been banned in the UK & Europe? 


Downlights Ups and Downs!


Downlights add a lot to the aesthetics & ambience of our homes.

The trouble is they can cost us more than we think! 


It’s not just the lights themselves including the lamps (bulbs) and fittings; there’s also the running cost of the electricity. 

The install can be 50w lamps with 6, 10 or 20 per room and seldom fewer than 4 per room.


But that is not all, because downlights are a very weak point in the fight against heat loss.


Downlights can reduce the effectiveness of loft insulation by as much as 30%, owing to gaps in the insulation around the lights.


 "Heat-loss Highways"


Uncovered downlights create what we at Thermahood call “heat-loss highways” – through which your precious heat will escape! 


Heat loss highways illustration!

Above shows what happens in a typical house containing downlights with no covers


Below is a close-up view showing how air leaks at each downlight fitting with attendant heat loss

Downlight Air-leakage illustration!


More Bad News!


Missing insulation and these “heat-loss highways” contribute to other problems in the home that can be difficult to assess – never mind fix!


Condensation created when warm and cold air meet, or simply generated in the kitchen or bathroom, can cause rotting timbers & roof damage.  Furthermore, damp, condensation and mould are linked to health risks.


Uncovered downlights also undermine our efforts to block out unwanted noise. (Part E – Building Regulations)


Pest infiltration: flies, spiders and all manner of creepy crawlies are drawn to light and can then make their way into your home.


Rodents are attracted to the heat and can nest nearby - they leave droppings that can end up in the face of the person changing a fitting or just a lamp!


Air quality is degraded because of dust contamination – and concern at the resulting health risks of this is growing all the time.


Tradesmen - occupational hazards?!


At Thermahood we recognise all the above problems as significant not only for the householder but for tradesmen especially working in these environments on a regular basis.


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